Farm and Ranch Pest Control

Farm and Ranch Pest Control ensures a healthy livestock, functioning equipment, and a profitable harvest. We offer customized pest control solutions for hundreds of farms and ranches throughout South Dakota and Wyoming.

Our service targets pests that are known to:

  • Damage the wiring of high value equipment
  • Spread disease to your livestock
  • Attack your harvest (grain bins, silos, etc.)
  • Enter barns, sheds, and homes

Each of us at Pfitzer Pest Control has a sincere interest in the health and safety of your farm or ranch. The members of our staff have either grown up on a farm or ranch, managed a feedlot, worked at a sale barn, or regularly help ranchers sort cows or farmers harvest grain or cut hay.

Hello there! Finding the best solution to your pest problems starts here: A FREE video with our 7 key DIY tips. Plus, we’ll update you weekly on what we’re seeing, so you’ll know what you need, when you need it.