Residential Pest Control for Your Home

Your home is your castle, which is why we want to make sure that your kingdom is pest-free. Since each residence is unique, our technicians work closely to understand your needs as a home owner, tailoring a package that suits you and your family… not that of the Jones’.

Different pests target each season which is why Pfitzer Pest Control is your solution to unwanted houseguests…every season of the year.

Fall Pest Control Services

  • Spiders, cluster flies, boxelders, lady asian beetles, and others.
  • Usually serviced in September

Winter Pest Control Services

  • Mainly rodent customized to your specific needs.

Spring Pest Control Services

  • Spiders and Crawling Insects.
  • Usually serviced in May and June.

Summer Pest Control Services

  • Spiders, beetles, crickets, and other crawling insects.

Note: Rodent packages are generally monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly dependent upon your needs.

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