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Below is a list of the most common pests we control, and the approximate time needed for our treatments to work. Many of the pests we control can be treated with a combination of our spring, summer, and fall preventative sprays. If you have a pest that requires a special service, let your technician know, and we can take care of it at the same time for a reduced rate.
If you have a problem with a pest that is not on this list, please call 888-995-4486 or contact us online and one of our customer service representatives will let you know if we treat it.
We can prevent or eliminate spiders (depending upon your situation) with our full sprays (spring, summer, and fall). Our Essential and Premium packages GUARANTEE that your property will be spider-free all year long. In general, it usually takes a few hours to a few days for our treatment to show affective.

As one of the strongest creatures on earth (they can carry more than 50 times their body weight), these little guys and gals differ from other “general” insects like spiders in the fact that they are social. This requires a special chemical to ensure we take out the entire colony, eliminating ants now and preventing them from causing you stress in the future. Our Essential and Premium packages cover special services such as ants, which is our recommended solution, but we can also provide a specific treatment for ants only – just ask!

The best time to treat for ants is April through September. We do occasionally have customers with ant problems in the winter months and can treat at that time as well. It usually takes 3-7 days to see complete results of the spray.

With cockroaches, it usually takes a few days to see results. After they “pass on,” they will generally have a few hatches which is why we use a growth regulator. Depending on the stage of the eggs it could take a few weeks to eliminate the problem. You may continue to see cockroaches for several days after the treatment. It may take that long for the cockroaches hiding in inaccessible areas to contact treated surfaces.

Like nails on a chalkboard, the buzz of a mosquito may give you goosebumps. At least it does for us.

Most of the time, mosquitoes are a problem when we’re outside enjoying our summer. Since a cure-all solution will run multiple thousands each year, this is not something we are currently offering BUT we can help with temporary solutions for outdoor parties, weddings, and other gatherings – just call us in advance so we can get you on the schedule!

Our house sprays will work for any mosquitoes that land on the house, but not for any that fly directly in through a door or window, so make sure you close those doors and windows (without screens) to keep them outside!

Why does it always seem that flies find us in the most inopportune time – when we’re trying to sleep, eating a meal, or entertaining guests? Regardless of when they choose to make their appearance, they’re plain annoying!

Attic or “cluster” flies are most commonly found in the fall and, for those of us who have experienced them…we’re happy to announce that we CAN take care of them! Generally, our fall spray is the best service for cluster flies, but we do recommend getting a head start with the annual insect program! In general, it usually takes a few hours to a few days for our treatment to show affective.

Standard house flies are a bit trickier. Our general pest spray should eliminate the problem but when doors and windows are left open (cue mom yelling “shut the door” in the background), more flies come in which makes standard house flies more difficult to control.

You’re in luck. Termites are less common in our service areas than other parts of the country, but we do find them. Most of the time they are discovered during a re-model or in an old pile of wood near your residence.

Due to the intensive inspection process, a Termite inspection fee will be charge. If we find termites, and a treatment service is scheduled with us, we will waive the inspection fee.

We partner with several realtors to provide WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) Inspections for potential buyers and property owners. The process for treating termites that we prefer is the probing method, which we’ve found to produce faster and better results in our area. This means we drill in the sidewalk surrounding your property, but the holes are filled-in upon completion (and they’re hardly noticeable).

Have you ever laid down for a restful night of sleep after a tough day to find that, in your first moment of silence, a cricket is sharing your bedroom? If so, you’re not alone!

Usually those little chirpers (fun fact – only the male crickets sing) show up in summer so our general pest sprays usually will cover them. If you have a specific problem, we can spray inside in addition to a regular service to ensure NO sleepless nights to come!

Centipedes are another pest not too common in our service area. They tend to hang out in dark, moist environments or around decaying matter. Usually, our general insect sprays will take care of any centipede sightings. In general, it usually takes a few hours to a few days for our treatment to show affective.

These flat-bodied insects are usually found looking for a water source so, you’ll often find them in your bathtub, in AC or heating units. Silverfish are treated with a special interior treatment, that can be coupled with our regular seasonal sprays. In general, it usually takes a few hours to a few days for our treatment to show affective.

If you have silverfish, we do recommend our Essential or Premium packages as that will cover any “special” treatments you may require to eliminate these little buggers.

Like bees and ants, wasps are a social insect requiring a special chemical to “take out the colony.” Also, like bees, only the ladies have stingers so if one lands on you, there’s a chance it can’t sting you!

We can spray for wasps at the same time as our general inspect spray. For wasps, we do recommend our Essential or Premium packages as it includes any special treatments that wasps require for no charge.

Although they’re not a destructive insect, Asian Lady Beetles do tend to release a strong smell when stressed – and it’s not a good one! Lady Asian Beetles are commonly found looking to enter your home in the fall for a place to spend the winter. Although they are more common in the eastern part of the US, we do have some in our areas. In general, it usually takes a few hours to a few days for our treatment to show affective.

Millipedes are commonly spotted in the fall. You may know them as wireworms – the little guys that curl up when you touch them. They are certainly a nuisance and, often are found in your basement. Our standard insect sprays will take care of these little pests as they do not require a special type of chemical. In general, it usually takes a few hours to a few days for our treatment to show affective.

Bees, like ants, are a social insect therefore require a special chemical for treatment that they can bring back to the guys – and lady (bow down for Queen Bee) in the colony. It will take a few days for this to happen. As you may guess, they love to hang out near your flowers so are commonly found during the warm weather months.

The little jumping fleas have as much as an 8” vertical leap (imagine that), powering them to new heights to land on your pets. We do recommend taking your pets to the vet in the interim and deep cleaning your house as part of the process. Make sure to remove any vacuum bags, double bag them, and throw them away outside in a dumpster as they’ll jump right out and attack again if you do not! You may continue seeing fleas for up to 2-3 weeks after treatment.

Earwigs dine on plant matter and other insects so, often, they are found outside. They show up in the “warm weather” months but aren’t too common in our service areas. If you do find an earwig, rest assured, as our general spray usually will take care of the problem. Let us know if you think you see one so we can make sure we cover them when we’re spraying! In general, it usually takes a few hours to a few days for our treatment to show affective.

Boxelder Bugs are of the biggest foes in our service areas. If you have a boxelder infestation – you are not alone! MOST of the properties we service have had boxelders (we have some crazy stories)! Boxelders often appear in the fall as they’re actively searching for a place to live during the winter months. It’s often a shock to people that haven’t had a house spray when we tell them “we can eliminate your boxelders.” It may take a few services to completely remove the problem therefore we do recommend getting a head start before the fall.

They may take 7-10 days to die, and you’ll need to vacuum up their little bodies once that happens. But, once they’re out of your house – they can be out of your life once and for all. What a relief!!

If you have a mouse “problem” you are not alone! Many of our customers have found a mouse or two on their property and, if they haven’t, they probably will one day. Mice can easily shrink down their bodies to fit into any space as small as a BIC pen, which is why they are so common both inside and outside in our areas all year long.

The best decision you can make is to have a few bait stations around your property so you can rest assured that the mice will stay away from the pea-sized holes in your doors or foundation that you may not even know exist.

We offer a Premium rodent and insect package that is the “Crème de la Crème.” This package GUARANTEES control of your rodent and insect problems throughout the year.

We always say, “when you see one rat, there are probably many more nearby!” Rats are natural breeders beginning when they are only 5-7 weeks old. Most commonly found with our agricultural customers, rats thrive in silage piles, feedlots, and in granaries. Rats are skeptical little guys and require at least two weeks to try anything new in their environment, so the bait will go untouched for about that long before they’ll eat it.

A large rat infestation will take a few months to get under control but we promise it’ll be worth the patience when you can enjoy a rat-free environment! We offer a Premium rodent and insect package that is the “Crème de la Crème.” This package GUARANTEES control of your rodent and insect problems throughout the year.

You may continue seeing bed bugs following the treatment. In fact, for a few days after the service, you may experience an increase in activity and see more bugs than you did before the treatment. Reasons why you may still see bed bugs after our treatment is that bed bugs are capable of getting into many environments that are inaccessible for treatment (especially if the above tasks are not completed properly). They can hide under carpeting, between/beneath floorboards, window/door frames, and behind baseboards or crown molding. They also do not feed every day (in fact they typically only feed once every week), and thus, a bed bug could be between meals when treatment is applied and, as a result, not come in contact with the chemical. A Follow up treatment can be completed if necessary, to achieve complete elimination of the bed bug infestation. We offer a 60-day guarantee on this service, but please call the office if you are still seeing activity within 30 days of treatment.


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