Sheridan Wasp Control 


At Pfitzer Pest Control, we keep wasps from swarming your home. Our expertly trained local technicians are equipped to eradicate wasps. We use methods proven to be effective for controlling wasp infestations and customize our treatments to the unique requirements of each home or commercial property. 

If you think you have wasps, call 800-789-4486 for an inspection 
and efficient wasp control.


Wasps are more than just annoying pests–their sting can cause a fatal allergic reaction for some people. Fortunately, like bees, only the ladies have stingers. So, if one lands on you, there’s a chance it can’t sting you! 

But how do you know if you have wasps or bees? Both have a similar shape, so it’s easy to confuse the two. The big difference is that wasps have distinct yellow and black bands around their abdomens while bees have more subtle, yellow and light brown bands.

Wasps commonly appear during the warm months in our service areas (those areas in and around Aberdeen, Huron, Mitchell, Mobridge, SD; and Sheridan, WY). Usually, most are gone by the fall, but some will stick around longer if they have a consistent food source.

If wasps choose to move into your home, you can typically find them in the following places:

  • Your crawlspace
  • Your attic
  • Behind the peak of your house

Like bees and ants, wasps are a social insect requiring a special chemical to “take out the colony.” We can spray for wasps at the same time as our general insect spray. 

Our Essential or Premium services package is great for taking care of wasps, since it also includes treatments for ants and other insects.

After treatment, you can help keep wasps away from your home by: 

  • Removing their food sources, such as:
    • Soda
    • Beer
    • Food that’s left outside for a long period of time
  • Sealing loose siding or eaves
  • Repairing or caulking holes and cracks in your home’s foundation
  • Sealing doors and windows
  • Installing screens on all doors and windows
  • Having us remove wasp nests 

We don’t recommend removing wasp nests on your own, since specific precautions need to be taken before doing this. If wasps are causing problems for you, call one of our experienced technicians today.


If wasps are bothering you, call the pros at Pfitzer Pest Control. Our skilled local technicians will carefully inspect the inside and outside of your home or business to determine the location of the wasps. We will explain the most effective method for controlling the pests. 

Get in touch with us at 800-789-4486 to schedule an inspection 
and wasp control service.


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