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When summer arrives, bees and stinging insects become a common problem, especially for people with allergies to their stings. Pfitzer Pest Control offers local pest control you can trust for bees, yellow jackets, and other flying and crawling insects. Treatment for bees and yellow jackets can be administered at the same time as general insect spray treatments.

Please get in touch with Pfitzer Pest Control today at (800) 789-4486 for help getting rid of bees or yellow jackets. 

Bee & Yellow Jacket Treatments That Work

Bees and yellow jackets are most common in the summer months when the temperatures are warm and the flowers are in bloom. They are often seen among the flowers in local gardens. Unfortunately, they can pose a health and safety risk and some colonies can cause property damage. 

The best way to handle bees, yellow jackets, and other stinging insects depends on the type of bees that have invaded your property. Honey bees are important pollinators and producers of honey and beeswax. Honeybees cannot be exterminated, due to their importance to the ecosystem and food production. They can be safely removed and relocated, if necessary. Other types of bees and yellow jackets can be exterminated. 

Professional pest control specialists can eliminate: 

  • Bumble bees 
  • Yellow jackets 
  • Wasps 
  • Hornets 
  • Carpenter bees 

The process begins with identifying the type of bees that are making themselves at home on your property to determine the most effective method for getting rid of them. Bees are social insects and live in colonies like ants, so eliminating them requires the use of a special chemical treatment. The chemical is carried back to the colony in a process that takes a few days. 

Bee and yellow jacket removal can be extremely risky and potentially dangerous without the right expertise. Attempting to get rid of a colony on your own can result in painful stings and dangerous situations. It is important to hire qualified local professionals with the expertise and equipment to get rid of bees and yellow jackets. 

Your bee control specialist will identify the location of the hive or nest, treat the nest, and remove it for you. You can help discourage bees in the future by sealing any holes where they are getting inside, avoiding leaving food outside, keeping garbage in sealed containers, and reducing clutter in the yard. If you have recurring bee problems, you may want to consider regular pest control services. 

Call to Get Rid of Bees & Yellow Jackets

Our expertly trained and experienced local technicians are well versed in the most effective methods for eliminating bees and yellow jackets. If you have an ongoing bee problem, we recommend that you consider our Essential insect program for total pest control. This pest control program includes special services, such as bees, at no additional charge. 

If you need help with bees or yellow jackets on your property, call (800) 789-4486 to request service. 

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