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At Pfitzer Pest Control, we don’t let crickets inside your home. Our expertly trained local technicians are equipped to eradicate crickets. We use methods proven to be effective for controlling cricket infestations and customize our treatments to the unique requirements of each home or commercial property.

If you think you have crickets, call 800-789-4486 for an inspection 
and efficient cricket control.


Have you ever laid down for a restful night of sleep after a tough day to find that, in your first moment of silence, a cricket is sharing your bedroom? If so, you’re not alone! You likely heard a field cricket, which is the most common cricket in our service areas (i.e., the areas in and around Aberdeen, Huron, Mitchell, Mobridge, SD; and Sheridan, WY).

Field crickets have long antennae, large back legs, and rounded wings that cover most of their body, which is ½ to ¾ of an inch. Because they’re a nocturnal insect, you typically don’t see them during the day. But you can definitely hear them! Fun fact: Only the male crickets “sing.”

Although crickets aren’t dangerous, they can be annoying and disgusting. They can also damage certain plants, crops, and fabrics (such as clothes, curtains, and bedding). So, you’ll want to keep them away from your house by ensuring your home isn’t attracting them.

 There are multiple reasons why your home might be attracting crickets, including:

  • A lot of wetness and moisture in and around your house
  • Strong, unnecessary, or outdoor lights
  • Food sources for crickets, such as: 
    • Wood piles
    • Cardboard
    • Weeds 
    • Tall grass

Crickets can come inside through gaps or cracks around your house or business. Our general pest sprays usually take care of them before they enter your home. If crickets have come indoors, your technician can spray inside in addition to a regular service. 

 After treatment, you can help keep crickets away from your home by: 

  • Repairing gaps or cracks around your home’s foundation
  • Removing firewood, brush, and other objects close to your home
  • Pulling weeds and cutting tall grass near your home's foundation
  • Putting garbage cans on blocks
  • Reducing outside lighting
  • Using yellow lights 
  • Turning off unnecessary lights
  • Using a fan or dehumidifier to dry out damp places
  • Discarding boxes, papers, and other clutter
  • Using sticky traps to catch them 

Crickets that make their way indoors typically don’t lay eggs, but they can take three to six months to die. If crickets are keeping you awake at night, call one of our experienced technicians today.


If you have been hearing crickets or aren’t sure if the source is indoors or outdoors, call the pros at Pfitzer Pest Control. Our skilled local technicians will carefully inspect the inside and outside of your home or business to determine the location of the crickets. We will explain the most effective method for controlling the pests.

 Get in touch with us at 800-789-4486 to schedule an inspection 
and cricket control service.

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