Boxelder Bugs

Box elder bug Control in Sheridan


At Pfitzer Pest Control, we don’t let boxelder bugs inside your home. Our expertly trained local technicians are equipped to eradicate boxelder bugs. We use methods proven to be effective for controlling boxelder bug infestations and customize our treatments to the unique requirements of each home or commercial property.

If you think you have boxelder bugs, call 800-789-4486 for an inspection and 
efficient boxelder bug control.


Boxelder bugs are one of the biggest foes in our service areas (the areas in and around Aberdeen, Huron, Mitchell, Mobridge, SD; and Sheridan, WY). Even though they don’t carry diseases, they can be frustrating to have in your home. 

If they defecate in your house, they could stain fabrics like clothing and curtains, and if you step on them, you can expect to smell an awful odor. Plus, their bite can irritate your skin. 

You can spot boxelder bugs by the reddish or orange markings on their black backs. Their flat, oval bodies are about ½ of an inch long. And, unfortunately, these pests can fly. Unlike the adults, immature boxelders (called nymphs) are bright red and don’t have wings. 

Boxelder bugs come inside during the fall when the weather is cooler. As winter sets in, boxelders tend to hide within walls for warmth. They can invade your home by crawling underneath siding and eaves or entering through cracks and gaps around windows and doors. 

If you’re seeing these pests throughout your house, don’t worry – we can remove them! Once we spray, they may take 7-10 days to die. Because it can take a few rounds of treatment to clear them out completely, we recommend having us come spray before the fall. 

After treatment, you can help keep boxelder bugs away from your home by: 

  • Sealing loose siding or eaves
  • Repairing or caulking holes and cracks in your home’s perimeter
  • Putting in door sweeps on all exterior doors
  • Sealing doors and windows
  • Removing all silver maple, ash, and boxelder trees that are near your home, since boxelders eat the seeds and leaves from these trees
  • Repairing screens on windows and doors

Don’t let these little insects take over your home! If boxelder bugs are frustrating you, call one of our experienced technicians today.


If you have been bothered by boxelder bugs, call the pros at Pfitzer Pest Control. Our skilled local technicians will carefully inspect the inside and outside of your home or business to determine the location of the boxelder bugs. We will explain the most effective method for controlling the pests. 

Get in touch with us at 800-789-4486 to schedule an inspection and 
boxelder bug control service.


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