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“We GUARANTEE YOU will get the BEST, MOST THOROUGH PEST CONTROL SERVICE in the industry.  After 30 days if  you are not 100% HAPPY with our service…you won’t pay a penny…period!”

Garret & Karen Pfitzer

At Pfitzer Pest Control

We Believe Everyone Has Individual Needs 

We are aware that every home, business, and farm or ranch has different requirements, which is why a one-sized-fits-all pest control package will not suffice.


Our local technicians will take the time to understand your challenge, inspect the infested areas, and ultimately help you establish a plan to solve your infestation.


You have invested time and money into your home, business, farm or ranch.

Each job is customizable in dealing with pesky invaders in different ways. We are committed to protecting your investment and home security by creating a solution that will match your unique problem.


Your home is your castle, your safe place away from all of the stress. Besetting pests can rob you of that security, bringing diseases into your safe, healthy home. Our residential pest control program will ensure that you always feel safe and protected.


Each business owner has a choice. They can focus on the things that make their business grow or they can spend time dealing with pests that eat away at their profits and productivity. As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is spent time away from your most profitable activities. Let us remove your worry, eliminating the pests that eat away at your profitability and steal your valuable time.

Farm & Ranch

How hard do you work? We are sure it’s no less than sun-up to sun-down. With all of your effort, it would be heartbreaking if rodents or other pests were to turn all that work into worthlessness. We customize our pest control services to protect your investment and keep those profits in your pocket where they belong.


What People are Saying about Pfitzer Pest Control

Excellent service, unmatched control of pests, fair pricing, and real nice people doing an excellent job. 

Don C.

De Smet, South Dakota

This company stands behind their work! I am so impressed with their attitude of pleasing the customer and making sure everything is completed. From phone calls to emails to personal meetings, their staff is helpful and friendly! I highly recommend Pfitzer Pest Control!

Patricia P

Sheridan, Wyoming

We count on Pfitzer Pest Control to keep the pesky critters/bugs out of our house/garage and they do!! They take care of our needs & have been really nice to work with! Thank you Pfizer Pest Control!

Tricia H

Mobridge, South Dakota

Are you feeling frustrated with your pest problem?

Maybe you’ve tried “all of the things” and can’t get rid of your spiders, boxelders, bed bugs, mice, etc. OR you’re too darn busy to worry about it and want to give your family, your customers, or your livestock a safe, pest-free solace.


If so, you’re at the right place.

We’re Garret and Karen Pfitzer, owners of Pfitzer Pest Control serving South Dakota and Wyoming.


Growing up in the area, we know the stress and strain that pests can cause that’s why we’ve created local solutions with local technicians so you can get the services you need for your home, your business, or your farm or ranch.


Take some time to navigate our site to learn more about us, our technicians, services we offer, and so much more.

Or, simply give us a call or

send us a text at


for a free consultation with a pest professional.


Thanks so much for allowing us the opportunity to eliminate the stress that pests can cause out of your life – for good!







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